Current Crisis In Manipur

Current crisis in Manipur – since 3rd May, 2023. The longest internal conflict in Independence India.


Economic Viability of a Kuki State – by Ram Wangkheirakpam

It amazes me that some ‘experts’ in India are analyzing the current Meitei and Kuki political conflict from a majority hindu Meitei resource grab perspective. These viewpoints only reflect their petulant petty politics and do not help in anyway addressing the problem at hand. Government and Corporates must be resisted if they are found grabbing and destroying, land and forest. I also further argue that as part of their imagined homeland, it is the ‘Kuki’ elites who have imagined a viable Kuki State by dreaming to usurp these resources. Let me pick a few of the news items to explain my argument. 

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